The New Covenant in 27 minutes

The link below will take you to a message that can be used by God to clear away many of the cobwebs of your Christian life.

The message that I refer to is found at the bottom of this post, and also here. It’s titled ‘The New Covenant,’ and is part of the Romans series in the Radio Archive section of the Living God Ministries website. All of Aaron’s messages are available for free via his Living God Ministries website.

The part of my personal testimony about how Aaron’s teaching transformed my relationship with God is found here.

The Lord God truly is my life; He meets all of my deep needs. I pray that you will listen to Aaron’s great teaching, and begin to grow closer to Jesus each and every day.

Chose message #3, Romans Chapter 1, verse 5, “The New Covenant”


December 20, 2015

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