Grow in Grace, Believe the Truth, Reject the LIE

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God wants to know you, and He wants you to know Him. He desires you, and is calling out to you.

. . . But how is it possible that we can know God?

God is spirit; God is holy; He dwells in unapproachable light. He seems out of reach and so far away, yet our soul yearns for Him. We realize that we were created to be in a relationship with Him, but when we look around we can’t find anyone who actually knows Him. We eventually admit that we don’t know Him either.

We begin to consider Jesus Christ. We hear stories; we listen to preachers; we ponder the possibility that Jesus’ death on the cross actually has something to do with us today. We discover through the Bible that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

One day we admit, “Yes, I am a sinner. My sins have separated me from God.” We accept that our sin will earn us an eternity separated from Him. What can be done? We know there is nothing that we can do to make ourselves right before Him.

We finally give up and give in to the gospel by believing that Jesus Christ died, was buried and rose again on the third day to save us from the penalty of our sins.

We begin to understand why God had to come to earth in the form of a human. We realize that He had to come as a male. The male gives his seed to create life; females are the receivers. God did not come to receive; He came to give: to give life.

We desire that.  We say yes.  We receive His life.

So we begin our Christian life as a baby, as a brand new creation, born again of the Spirit. We feed on milk. We marvel that God has come inside of us; He has come inside of our very bodies and has given us His seed; He has given Himself, a portion of Himself that we call the Holy Spirit.

He was the ultimate gentleman. He did not force Himself inside of us. He waited for us to invite Him in.

We begin to grow to know Him . . . the God of the universe! We live in amazement and awe. With the tiniest of baby steps, we begin to walk with Him, to hear from Him, to learn to trust Him as our Daddy.

We read that we are completely accepted by Him; He calls us His beloved; He has made us holy, and righteous, and sanctified, and forgiven.

You are a forgiven person.

And then the lies begin to enter our head. Does He really accept me? How could He? God knows what I am really like; He knows those secret thoughts and desires; He sees it all. We are ashamed of ourselves, so He is obviously ashamed of us too.

The whisperings of falsehood tell us that only our past sins were forgiven. We believe our pastor or priest when he tells us that we need to confess our sins. Because we still struggle with sin, we are deceived into thinking that we need to ‘do’ something in order to get right with God. We become focused on serving Him, on doing good deeds.  We want Him to be pleased with us; we must make ourselves right. …Oh, there is so much work to be done.

There is a devil; he is called the Father of lies. His lies are flavored with truth, and so they are so easy to believe. We are exactly where Satan wants us. We have now separated ourselves from our loving Daddy. Our eyes are off of Jesus, and are now totally focused on ourselves.

A Christian home church pastor in Florida who uses his website to promote false teaching writes the following words about sin in his Statement of Faith, “Believers who sin lose the Filling of the Holy Spirit and reside in spiritual death.  They cannot lose their salvation, but they will die the sin that ends in death if they do not Rebound.”

What is Rebound you ask? The pastor writes, “Rebound is the recovery procedure to be used to restore fellowship with God after salvation. The first step in Experiential Sanctification is recovery of fellowship with God through Rebound.  Apart from fellowship with God through Rebound, it will be impossible to execute the Spiritual Life. Christians who do not Rebound are apostate and will die the sin that ends in death if they continue to reject Rebound.”

This pastor is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t believe those lies. Believe the truth. Here is a simplified paraphrase of several verses telling you the truth about your complete forgiveness:

  • Your lawless deeds have been forgiven (Rom 4:7)
  • God is love, and love keeps no records of wrongs (1 Cor 13:5)
  • We have the forgiveness of sins in accordance to the riches of His grace (Eph 1:7)
  • We have forgiveness (Col 1:14)
  • We have the forgiveness of all our trespasses (Col 2:13)
  • He cancelled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us by nailing it to the cross (Col 2:14)
  • Christ forgave us (Col 3:13)
  • Our sins and iniquities He remembers no more (Heb 8:12)
  • Our sins and lawless deeds are no longer remembered (Heb 10:17)
  • Our sins are forgiven us for His name’s sake (1 John 2:12).

Return to Him. As a born-again believer you do know God, and He does know you. Your faith in Him was all He sought from you; your faith pleases Him. Walk in that truth. Continue to walk by faith.

Nothing can separate you from His love; not even your own sin. He has already dealt with your sin. Because all of your sins are forgiven, and because there is nothing left for you to do, you can live your life having Him love you, and knowing that He accepts you.

We were created to be in a relationship with Him. To have Him give His love to us.  Enjoy that close relationship with Him today.

April 16, 2016

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