Do not fret.

“Do not fret; it leads only to evildoing.” (Psalm 37:8b)

I read this verse a few months ago, and it felt like a slap in the face.  A good slap; like a wake-up-call kind of slap.  I had been fretting for nine months about something.  . . . All right, fine, I’ll tell you, I had been fretting about my weight.

Nine months prior my typically fast metabolism came to a screeching halt — I was 46 at the time; it was bound to happen eventually, right?  But then, as the pounds slowly began to add up, my mind was quick to begin worrying.

I should have known better.  The Lord had already miraculously delivered me from this type of worry!  Plus, I should have known that worrying guarantees that I’ll keep the weight on. Because what was constantly on my mind?  Food!  I compensated with additional exercise, but still, the extra pounds were not budging.

Then I read that verse in the Psalms. . . Oh yeah!

(Deep exhale!)

Oh my gosh, how could you have forgotten, you silly girl?

Don’t fret.  Don’t worry.  That’s easy enough.  Okay!  Yes, Lord!

I love that about faith.  All I have to do is trust in the Lord.  You know, Him?  The mighty creator of the universe?  The One who designed and engineered our bodies? Pretty easy to put your trust in Him.

And, guess what, those stubborn extra pounds that I could not lose after nine months of serious effort, they began slipping off.  All it took was the ‘work’ of not working.  All the Lord needed of me was to stop fretting and to start trusting.

Then life got busy, and I stopped exercising as much.  Regardless, the weight kept coming off, and I’m now back to normal. 🙂

Do not fret.  It leads only to evildoing.  It’s not an incantation, or a magic formula or anything like that.  It was the truth that had power.  Once I remembered that I was not designed to fret and worry, that I was not designed to TRY TO BE IN CONTROL of my life, once I relaxed and rested in HIS power as my Lord, then I was able to function in the way He created me.

He created me to reflect His image, and I can’t reflect His image when I am fretting and worrying.

We all have things we worry about.  Whatever your worries are, remember that you can cast your cares upon the Lord.  Let it go, and trust in the Lord instead.  Live in His peace and His rest.

It’s way more fun, too!


October 10, 2016