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My Personal Testimony

Grace Given to Me — Part 1

Grace Given to Me — Part 2

Grace Given to Me — Part 3 

Outside of Churchianity

Bob Coy was my Pastor

Turning 27 years old

This Pilgrim’s Progress (video)


Roman Catholicism

Do Roman Catholics know the truth?

Growing up Catholic

Will Water Baptism Save Your Soul?

Must Faith be Accompanied by Works?


The Book of Genesis

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Why is Jesus Christ the only way to heaven? (video)

The first murder:  Why did Cain kill his brother? (video)

Turning 27 years old

What Was the Breath of Life?


The Old Covenant

Jesus Taught the Old Covenant

The Strong Emotions of King David

The Blessing that Was Promised to Abraham

Christ Brought the Law of Moses to an End


The Lord Jesus Christ

Finding “Real Life” in Jesus Christ

Jesus Gives Life

When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith on the earth?

We are Nothing Like God

Jesus Christ IS the TRUTH.

Jesus is the Resurrection


The Gospel

Hearing the Gospel message with Faith

Video on the Gospel

How would you explain the Gospel?

God is our Teacher


The New Covenant

Christ is the End of the Law

You are a forgiven person — period

Let’s Count our Spiritual Blessings

What is the unpardonable sin?

Faith Introduces us to His Grace

We are nothing like God

Do Christians need to fully surrender to God?

God’s Righteousness


Growing in Grace

Be known by God

On Trusting God

How can we draw near to God?

My #1 Parenting Mistake

Everything will be okay

Experiencing Joy in the Midst of Suffering

The Righteous Man Shall Live by Faith


Forsake Churchianity!

Outside of Churchianity

Are Christians supposed to “be like Christ”?

Do Christians need to “fully surrender” to God?

Do Christians need to “take every thought captive”?

Church Dropouts (video)

Is there power in prayer?

What goes on in most churches is heartbreaking!

But Lord, I don’t want to quit church!

The New Life 



Were you taught “first-time obedience”?

What’s the deal with Debi Pearl?

Did God create sin and evil?

John Smith: 1st American Freedom Fighter


Blogs with Links to FREE audio Bible studies:

God’s Remnant

The New Covenant in 27 minutes

How Can we Draw Near to God?

Jesus Gives Life

Do you put God first?



Are we born saved or born sinners?

Can our Feelings be Dangerous?

Video interview with a Grace-Minded Sister

Did God create sin and evil?

Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple — Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid!

Do not fret

Why Isn’t the Bible Chronological?


Dream Interpretation

God shares the Gospel to a gay man through a dream, Part 1 of 3

Lauren Daigle sees visions of future concert tours, Part 2 of 3

God drew me closer to Him through a dream, Part 3 of 3



Life’s meaning

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