John Smith, the first American freedom-fighter

As part of my homeschooling category here at Mom For Freedom, I would like to add this short essay on John Smith, President of the Jamestown colony in the fifteenth century.



In 2008, my children and I spent the month of September studying the story of survival at Jamestown, VA from 1603-1606. It was the first permanent English settlement and a large part of that success goes to John Smith. Because he was a ‘commoner’ he was looked down upon and undermined by snobbish gentlemen such as Wingfield and Ratcliffe who were chosen by the Virginia Company as Presidents before him.  Yet John Smith’s natural ability to lead and inspire the men led him to eventually be elected President of the Jamestown colony; his knowledge of the American Indians’ language and his diplomacy in dealing and trading with them being just one of his many amazing accomplishments.

As citizens of the United States in the twenty-first century, it is easy to get upset at the advances being made toward socialism, toward a federal government with more and more power, and a country of “free” people with less and less freedom.  What I would say to someone today who is feeling troubled is the same thing I said to my daughter back in 2008.  “Sometimes we elect Ratcliffe and Wingfield as President, but remember what John Smith did when they angered him so.  He relaxed his fists, calmed himself down, and decided to use his anger for better purposes. So, we likewise, should channel our anger toward fighting for freedom and for the principles we believe in.”

I see John Smith as the first great American Conservative and free-market capitalist. And, like him, we are not a people of rage; we are not motivated by anger and hate. We work hard; we do not sit around taking handouts; we believe in basic human dignity and therefore, we come out successful in the end.


September 28, 2018  5:56 PM





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