Christian Dream Interpretation — God shares the Gospel with a gay waiter — Part 1 of 3

Darren and Darryl were two gay guys that I once worked with at Café 66, the intracoastal restaurant located on the property of Pier 66, a fancy 4-star-hotel and resort in Fort Lauderdale, FL. They were both waiters. Darren was my best friend at that job, but Darryl didn’t like me at all.

Darren accepted me because he too was a Christian, but Darryl gave me these intense, scowling stares during our staff meetings in the kitchen. Other than the creepy looks, Darryl avoided me. Except for the day of his dream.

Disturbed by a dream he had the previous night, Darryl went from employee to employee asking their opinion. Finally, he approached me. He told me the dream and then asked if I had any idea what it meant. I was honest and said no.

I worked as the Administrative Assistant to the restaurant’s Executive Director, Steve Silverman. A highly polished and manicured Jewish man who had a legendary reputation for having his secretaries quit on him. After I got hired, I heard this phrase numerous times from employees all over the resort, “Oh, you are Steve’s new secretary? He’s awful to work for! You’re not gonna last long.”

However, I lasted a year and a half; I seem to have a knack for getting along with difficult people. I did quit, but it was to pursue my Biblical education in another state.

My office was down in the basement, but on the day of Darryl’s dream, I was up in Café 66 filling in for an absent hostess. After I told him I had no idea what his dream meant, I went back to my station at the hostess stand . . . and prayed.

I said hesitatingly, “God, if you want to give me the interpretation of his dream, you know, that would be cool.”

And then suddenly, with an almost physical sensation of something being dropped on my head, the meaning of the dream was downloaded into my brain. It was clear. And it was flippin’ cool! God was preaching the gospel to Darryl!

So, I sheepishly walk over to Darryl. . . “Umm, this has never happened to me before, but like, God totally gave me the interpretation of your dream.”

In his dream, Darryl was driving a car. In the passenger seat was a toilet bowl filled with poop; it was raining out, and the steering wheel was shuddering. There were other details that I don’t remember (this happened almost 30 years ago), but the basic message was this:  “Darryl, you have sin in your life, and you are trying to control your life with your own effort, but you are headed for destruction and therefore God wants to save you, and be the One who ‘drives’ your life.”

Darryl was thoughtful, but unsure. He said “okay, thanks,” and then I walked back to my station.

About an hour later, he came up to me and said, “I finally figured it out! I ate pizza late last night, and the pizza is what gave me the weird dream!”

“Oh. Okay, thanks,” I said. But, of course, I didn’t believe that for a minute; I knew that God had preached the good news to him through that dream, hoping to save him. Hoping to give Daryl new life and to begin a relationship with him.

I believe God occasionally speaks to us through our dreams. And I believe that God Himself gives the interpretation. I was thankful to be used by God to give Darryl this message about sin and salvation, about death and life. It is now 30 years later, and who knows, maybe by the time of this writing, Darryl has surrendered to God, and been reborn with the life of Jesus Christ.

To be continued . . . Part 2 here.

Written April 18, 2020

2 thoughts on “Christian Dream Interpretation — God shares the Gospel with a gay waiter — Part 1 of 3

  1. Tom M.

    Dear Sister in Christ. Thank you so much for sharing this event in your life in which the Lord spoke to you and to Darryl. Prayerfully he surrendered his life to the Lord sometime after that. It seems to me the Lord often uses “a still small voice” 1 Kings 19:12 but chose to use a “thunderous” voice with you and Darryl at that time. Awesome! During these coronavirus times, I wonder how the Lord is speaking and calling out to people to turn to Him? How many are listening and responding to that call? Since I last replied to you, I sold my home in California, in mid March, exactly the week when the stay at home measures began! Yikes! Started off to my destination of Tennessee but got half way and now in Texas. Waiting upon the Lord for more guidance. Anyway, no longer can help you identify me as Tom with “palm trees”! Haha. Texas tornadoes? Trucks and horses? Praying that during these times of social distancing, people aren’t practicing “social distancing” with our beautiful Savior! Keep communication lines open with Him at all times “y’all”. In Jesus’ love, Tom M. (tornadoes, trucks and horses). 🙂


    1. momforfreedom

      Tom!! I recognized you even without the “palm trees.” So great to hear from you again, my fun friend. I laughed out loud at your “thunderous” description! I never thought of it that way. 😆 Yes, I’m with you on that thought about these lockdown days, I wonder how the Lord is speaking to and calling out to people to turn to Him? With no church building to attend, I’ll bet He is getting through to a lot of people in a personal way — I am hopeful that many believers are rediscovering the joy of their salvation, “which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.” . . . oh my gosh! You have become quite the gypsy! (Just teasin’!) But, wow, I hope you are enjoying the adventure. I look forward to hearing where the Lord finally settles you. Thank you so much for keeping in touch! Have a great week.


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