Having so much fun!

LORD, it’s so fun.

I love my life.

My life with You.

I am Your wife.


I’m the Bride of Christ.

It’s extremely fun.

I love living with You.

Love this race that we run.


I’m full of joy.

The joy is Yours!

You give it to me,

as one of my rewards.


I have all of You!

And You have me.

Embraced in Your arms.

I’m secure; I am free.


I love dancing with You.

I love shouting with glee.

I love knowing Your soul.

I love You knowing me.


LORD, You are the best.

It is so much fun.

I’m at peace; I can rest.

The battle has been won.

LORD!!! :)

You’re back.

In full view.

It’s just me.

And just You.

This is about

You and me.

Nothing else.


You’re the One.

My soulmate.

And as I live,

You participate.

You are involved.

You answer prayer.

You see my needs.

You actually care.

Through many trials,

we have come.

It’s not been easy

Yet, You HAVE overcome.

A poem on life’s meaning

This life that I live is filled

with both pleasure and pain.

But the reason I am here

is to know the LORD who reigns.


Knowing Him is my purpose.

Knowing Him meets my needs.

He created me for love;

On His love my spirit feeds.


He has given me new life.

He has given me a home.

I am His adopted child,

never more to blindly roam.


Though today I may feel pain,

I may yet feel pleasure too.

Though my flesh still yearns to sin,

I will choose to trust in You.



July 3, 2018  2:22 PM