Be known by God

God had to forgive all of your sins — past, present and future — in order to give you His Spirit and to, therefore, have a close and loving relationship with you.


Outside of Churchianity

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The law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death. After spending 15 years wandering in the wilderness, the Lord God set me free to enter the Promised Land of Rest.

Previously, the Lord had been stripping me of my belief system that was based on rules and regulations. I was all about, “you have to do this, and you shouldn’t do that.”

But then my husband quit church.

I had spent years waiting for him to repent and obey, so when he gave up altogether, I had to completely let go of my hope of one day having the perfect Christian family.

Church attendance was the First Commandment in my denomination (which was a non-denominational church), but I eventually gave up going to church too.  I was a much nicer and kinder wife after that.

The Lord slowly got through to my thick skull, and by 2006 the only ‘law’ I was still holding on tenaciously to was that we “have to ask forgiveness for our sins.” Finally, the Lord gently removed that one last requirement.

From that point on, I no longer had a Christian To-Do List. I realized that there was simply nothing for me to do. I then began to live my life in a totally different way.

How was my Christian life different?  I began living day by day simply trusting Him to lead me and guide me.  The unrealistic expectations that I put on our three kids slipped away, and I began to relax and allow them to be themselves.  I also began to give my husband grace, and stopped trying to change him into a repentant and obedient ‘godly man.’  I stopped believing that I could “serve God” (as if He needed anything from me!  Acts 17:25), and I began resting in the the work He has already done for me.

In essence, the TREE OF LIFE became my daily food; I had left behind the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I now live every day with Jesus — who is Life — worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.

It’s a wonderful life.


February 24, 2016